LAS Furniture hoists Responsibility

  1. It is a responsibility of the LAS Furniture hoists operator to ensure that the hoist is installed correctly and can operate safely within the safe working load of the hoist.
  2. LAS Furniture hoists reserve right to refrain from installing the hoist if it is deemed to be unsafe to do so by our operator. (Don’t forget the weather can affect operations if it is too windy).
  3. LAS Furniture hoists operator reserves the right to declare a particular load or item unsafe to travel on the hoist.

Your responsibility

  1. LAS Furniture hoists cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to items sent on the hoist unless it is caused by the failure to the hoist itself or negligence on the part of the LAS Furniture hoists operator. LAS Furniture hoists cannot be held responsible for any consequential damage caused by the loading or off loading of the platform at working level, or on its descent.
  2. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the suitability of any balcony or building to support the elevator and that there is a clear and stable area directly below and in line with the window for the hoist to stand and be installed, prior to arrival.



  1. Should there be any doubt as to the suitability and required positions of the hoist by the potential hirer, LAS Furniture hoists can offer a site visit service to discuss the requirement in detail. This is a free of charge service providing the visit can be fitted in around the existing job schedule. Should you have an unusual requirement in this regard however, we will always try and accommodate this. A clear photograph or sketch may assist us in assessing the property. We would point out that as outlined in Hoist Charges section, a full charge will be made if upon arrival on site the hoist is not able to be used for the purpose for which it was hired. Therefore we would recommend that a provisional site visit be made if there is any doubt as to the suitability or access for the hoist.



  1. Where the hoist is required to be positioned in areas where there are parking restrictions it is the Hirer’s responsibility to arrange for the relevant permission required from the authorities concerned. The permission may be gained in the from of a dispensation or suspension order, or possibly a

partial road closure- depending on the location concerned. It should be taken into account that in some situations the above orders can both sides of a public highway to allow the traffic to flow freely and enable the operation to be carried out safely. PLEASE NOTE that when booking Parking Suspension our equipment is an hoist with pick up track, not a crane. We recommend two parking bays suspended.

  1. Whilst every effort is made by LAS Furniture hoists to adhere to the requested start time, we cannot be held responsible for delays occasioned by traffic problems, previous job overruns or any circumstances beyond our control.

You Load We Lift

  1. LAS Furniture hoists provide the service of the hoist complete with operator. The provision of the labour force to load and off load the hoist is the responsibility of the hirer. If in doubt call us and we will recommend a company. Maximum load of 400kg depending on height.

Window opening too small

  1. Window removal – where this is required to gain access it should be noted that we only remove traditional timber frame corded sash windows. When reinstated, we leave in working order but do not “make good”. A window removal is a chargeable service and if required, should be requested at the point of order. If there is more involved task to be carried out, we would recommend the employment of a qualified tradesman.

Payment terms, And what happens if I cancel my order?

  1. For all customers payment should be made on the day, prior to commencing of job. Only cheques accepted.
  2. Cancellations – The following applies:
  3. i)  Cancellation up to 12.00 noon preceding day 25%.
  1. ii)  Cancellation after 12.00 noon on preceding day 75%

of hire charge is chargeable.

  1. iii)  Cancellation on the same day as scheduled operation

before arrival 100% of hire charge is chargeable.

  1. iv)  Full hire charge applies if upon arrival, elevator

cannot be used for purpose for which it was hired.

PLEASE NOTE, the definition of “hire charge” includes the call out charge.